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Advertising and its Impact in India - White Rose Advertising

The role of advertising agencies and its influence in the Indian Society has been profound. There will be hardly anyone in India who will not recognize the simple hand drawn mascot “Amul Girl” that has over the years entertained the masses with its equally simple yet incredibly funny humor. Advertising is now fused with the consumers as they are able to see the promotion of brands and services anywhere and at any time. From television to local radios, to product placements in Bollywood movies to billboards, everywhere in India, advertisers are working are hard to have their brands exposed. With a growth rate that rivals the strongest countries, competition among local companies alone can eat a brand if it doesn’t advertise properly.

The term advertising is a sum total of different techniques that are now used by advertisers to get the word out. Consumers are now smarter, have myriad of options and demonstrate their purchasing power at a slightest hint of mistrust of lack of information. They are now focusing on finding benefits, comparing cons with the pros and looking beyond the price. For consumers, satisfaction is now the cornerstone on which their buying behavior is dependent on. This has not been missed on advertisers who have now started to create advertisements that appeal to this new way of thinking that encourages consumption and spending.

India has been beset with numerous challenges. From poverty to lack of sanitation, its growing population has always bought along different issues. However the role of advertising in curbing these issues cannot be ignored. Advertising has been used considerably to create awareness regarding plethora of issues. AIDS, TB and other viral diseases have been actively become part of advertising campaigns.

 Government of India and its numerous agencies along with businesses have developed awareness and educated the masses. Audiences that belong to the farthest areas of India are now well aware of the different diseases like Polio and what they need to do to protect themselves from it.
Generally advertising has evolved with the development of Indian’s social values. However there are many those points out to the adverse impact of advertising in India. Advertising agencies are now educating their target audiences through the content they share. New fads, trends and latest fashion are part of new advertisements.

A Print Media Advertising agency will create artworks that will feature scantily clad women promoting products whereas Magazine Ad agency will commonly use images of Bollywood actresses to do the same. Sexuality is a common tool that is being exploited by advertisers to attract consumers to their brand. This has been criticized by the influencers in Indian society as audiences are keen to expect more causing a conflict with the norms and values that are prevalent in India

The impact of advertising has been considerable. From the very beginning, advertisers in India have worked with numerous ethnicities, cultures and norms. They have shaped their promotions along with the favorite past times of India that includes Bollywood, Cricket and its many festivals. India has always been considered the best definition of melting pot where diverse cultures and traditions are amalgamated together. In the case of advertisers in India, this has been the same situation where learning from west has now mixed with Indian values. For instance graphic designers are expected to incorporate Indian values within the collateral to ensure more views. This has resulted in proactive, engaging and down to earth ads that are increasingly viral in India and the world

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